Silver Street Cobra

The Cobra featured a larger triangular body than the original TAXI model.

Cobra prototype photos from the archives of designer Bruce Hardy.

Owners’ Photos

The original Cobra prototype. Thanks, Bruce!
Cobra #C009, owned by Joseph in California
Cobra sold on eBay in 2014.
Cobra – custom white with tremolo, owned by Jack Charles of Quarterflash. Watch a video of this guitar in action here:
Cobra model, black, serial # 092011, owned by Shannon in Adelaide, Australia.
Cobra model, black, serial # C063030, owned by Tim in Michigan. Thanks, Tim!
Cobra model, blue, serial # T053157, owned by Murray in Ottawa, Canada.
Beautiful blue Cobra, serial number 15885, owned by Tim in Michigan
Cobra model, yellow, serial # C92013, owned by David Hinds in Australia.
Jack Charles live at Indy with his candy apple red COBRA
Red Cobra owned by Stephanie
A pretty red Cobra owned by Troy in California
Cobra with unique finish displayed at the 1983 Summer NAMM show. Where is it now?
A Cobra model with a tight zebra pattern finish was built for a NAMM show. Where is it now?
Pretty gold Cobra, s.n. C013023, sold on in November, 2020. The current owner is unknown.
Cobra, serial number C92013, owned by David Hinds in Australia. See his story on the Owners Stories page.
This mind-blowing Cobra owned by Rob in TN was created by Elkhart builder Ken Willard for display at the 1984 NAMM show. The hand-painted motif is striking and labor-intensive. Features include a Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup and gold hardware. See an image of Rob and more details about this Cobra on the Owners Stories page.