Silver Street Cobra

The Cobra featured a larger triangular body than the original Taxi model.

Owners’ Photos

The original Cobra prototype. Thanks Bruce!
Cobra #C009, owned by Joseph in California
Cobra sold on eBay in 2014.
Unusual black-and-white Cobra model, originally owned and played by Craig Chaquico; now owned by Bill in Maine
Cobra – custom white with tremolo, owned by Jack Charles of Quarterflash. Watch a video of this guitar in action here:
Cobra model, black, serial # 092011, owned by Shannon in Adelaide, Australia.
Cobra model, black, serial # C063030, owned by Tim in Michigan. Thanks, Tim!
Cobra model, blue, serial # T053157, owned by Murray in Ottawa, Canada.
Beautiful blue Cobra, serial number 15885, owned by Tim in Michigan
Cobra model, yellow, serial # C92013, owned by David Hinds in Australia.
Jack Charles live at Indy with his candy apple red COBRA
Red Cobra owned by Stephanie
A pretty red Cobra owned by Troy in California
Cobra with unique finish displayed at the 1983 Summer NAMM show. Where is it now?
A Cobra model with a tight zebra pattern finish was built for a NAMM show. Where is it now?