Silver Street Nightwing

Owners’ Photos

Cool Nightwing with EMGs and custom wiring owned by Lance in Winnipeg, MB.
Full frontal photo of Harry’s one-of-a-kind restored Nightwing with zebra finish (more below)
Gorgeous Nightwing offered on eBay. Owner unknown.
Lovely red Nightwing, serial number 14, with original brown HSC, owned by Jim in IN
Nightwing Blue
Nightwing Brown
Nightwing Refinished
Nightwing Restored
Nightwing Tobacco
Nightwing White Custom
Nightwing zebra, serial # 101, owned by Harry in Kalamazoo, MI.
Nightwing, red, serial # 024, owned by Roger in Ottawa, Canada.
Perfect fit for Nightwing. For USA availability contact
Very unusual and newly restored Nightwing owned by Harry in Kalamazoo. Great job, Harry!
Webmaster Murray with red Nightwing
This blue Nightwing, serial number 104724 is owned by
Charles Smith in Florida.
Photos of Ken’s beautiful blue Nightwing, serial number 017, purchased new in Michigan in 1984. Ken now lives in California.