On Stage

Silver Street Guitars On Stage

Legendary Canadian rocker Frank Soda with his Taxi model. Be sure to check the video clips and photos at www.FrankSoda.com
Craig Chaquico backstage with two-tone Cobra. Thanks, Bruce!
John Trivers onstage with Taxi Bass prototype. Thanks, Bruce!
Craig Chaquico onstage with red Taxi. Thanks Bruce!
Jeff Carlisi onstage with red Cobra. Thanks, Bruce!
Michael Stanley onstage with Taxi. Thanks Bruce!
Mike Reno onstage with Taxi. Thanks, Bruce!
Paul Warren onstage with Taxi. Thanks, Bruce!
The Bounty Hunters is a great Australian band fronted by Silver Street owner David Hinds and his wife Lyn. David’s Silver Streets are shown below. Check out the band’s “Hot on Ya Heels” video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk58UP7ZUbI
The Eddie Money video “Club Michelle” on YouTube features a teal blue TAXI with two white pickups. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ-KdFaTr0A
Cobra and a Spitfire owned by David Hinds in Australia. David and his wife Lyn are professional musicians.
Spitfire played by Christian music legend David Huff. Thanks for the photo, John.
A photo of Silver Street guitar designer and builder Dan Mustard and his wife Linda, (with Kim Tripp on drums) onstage at Government Lake Lodge, Baldwin MI in 1989. Dan is playing the prototype of the Silver Street Tommy Shaw model.
Tommy Shaw model played by songwriter Eric in Wisconsin
The Hangtown Heroes. Guitarist Keith “Dr. Z” Zimmerman, plays a Taxi model on stage. Thanks to Gary for the contact information.
Michigan’s “Intense” band used an MX and Nightwing
Jack Charles of Quarterflash – Taxi and Cobra at the ready
Jack Charles of Quarterflash, onstage with Cobra # 1
Jack Charles of Quarterflash, onstage with Cobra # 2
“Intense” band member Jim & his Nightwing
Jonathan Cain of Journey onstage with a Spitfire
TAXI and owner Melanie in 2018. See 1984 photo below. Melanie played her TAXI professionally with the Usual Suspects band.
TAXI and owner Melanie in Guitar Player, January 1984. To see them in action, Google “YouTube The Usual Suspects at Blue Ribbon Rock Festival, Red Mile, Lexington Kentucky”. Make sure you are starting the YouTube video at the beginning.
“Intense” band member Scott playing his MX.
A photo of Silver Street guitar designer and builder Dan Mustard, onstage with Paula Jury, Stan Jensen, Steven Volpp, and Ken Jury at Peterson Auditorium, Ludington MI in 1986. Dan is playing the prototype of the Silver Street Elite model.
Spitfire played onstage by Don Barnes of .38 Special
Rick Springfield plays a Taxi in his Rock of Life video. Watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkXMrjrX-ic
Steve and singer in 1983
Taxi played by Steve in Santee, CA. Purchased in 1982; stolen in San Diego in 1992. Contact us with any info, please.
Rare photo of Tommy Shaw playing a black Tommy Shaw with white body binding in an MTV Special filmed at Notre Dame in 1985. Thanks, John!
Tommy Shaw on stage with Spitfire # 1
Tommy Shaw on stage with Spitfire # 2
Tommy Shaw on stage with Spitfire # 3
Tommy Shaw on stage with Spitfire # 4
Tommy Shaw playing his namesake Silver Street! Two links to his 1985 performances at the University of Notre Dame for MTV https://youtu.be/H-yEdcsPcJU https://youtu.be/EvAhb_8bWQA
Above and below: Two great photos from Troy in California. Troy is a professional musician and music producer. He played and sang on the latest “The Blackmail Seduction” album, which he also mixed and produced. Both of these Silver Streets were used on that project.
Heads up!

John in New Jersey is a musician who performs regularly in various venues. He recently used his red Spitfire on a tribute cover of the Icon song “In the End”. It was recorded by The Aurora Project as an homage to the song’s co-writer John Wetton who passed away in 2017. These photos show John’s guitar posse for the recording session and John putting his Spitfire through its paces. Thanks for the images and backstory, John! Here’s a link to the “In the End” video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t416dq4zFpo