Technical Information

Silver Street – Technical Info

Wonderful painting procedures document prepared by Silver Street master painter Dan Mustard
Factory Repairs List document submitted by Dan Mustard. Thanks, Dan!

Thanks to Mike in Branson, MO for the wiring information!

Silver Street backplate
Printed circuit board used on very early, single pickup TAXIs. Produced by Crown International in Elkhart, IN; a company acquired by Harmon International in 2000. Many thanks for the image, Bruce.
Neck plate information

Order Codes for Silver Street products. Thanks, Bruce.

Silver Street MX

Silver Street color chips and codes. This improved image was supplied by Bruce Hardy.

Silver Street Elite

Silver Street Spitfire

Silver Street Taxi/Cobra

Silver Street Taxi/Cobra

Silver Street Taxi/Cobra with Double Pickups

Silver Street Tommy Shaw

Nightwing schematic. Contact the webmaster if you need a larger format, higher resolution version of the above image.
Taxi design patent awarded to Silver Street founder Bruce Hardy.
The original TAXI blueprint
Hand-drawn wiring diagram found the in hard-shell case of Spitfire S009 by David Hinds in Australia. See his story on the Owners Stories page.
Operational instructions included with other case candy in many hard-shell cases.