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Heavy duty guitar stand designed and marketed by Silver Street founder Bruce Hardy through his Hardy Technologies company. It features square tubular steel and “no finish damage” foam.

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Silver Street Accessories
Silver Street Clock (Not a Silver Street product)
Silver Street Drum Clamp
Silver Street mic stand Pick-Clip accessory.
Silver Street mic stand shock mount. Thanks, Mike!
Silver Street Pick Clip
Silver Street Picks
Superb photo from Tim in MI! It displays case candy included with new Silver Streets.
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Deadringer artwork
Deadringer artwork 2
Deadringer boxes
Modern Drummer magazine, June-July 1980 issue, p. 11. The drummer is Brent Kreighbaum, Silver Street’s general manager in Elkhart, IN.
Print ad showing some of the notable Deadringer endorsers
List of remaining inventory after closure of the Shelby, MI factory