Silver Street Spitfire

Owners’ Photos

Lovely Spitfire owned by Tim in MI. The single pickup version of the Spitfire is very rare.
Tim’s teal Spitfire with replica street sign autographed by Silver Street founder Bruce Hardy
Tim’s teal Spitfire
Tim’s single and double pickup pair
Spitfire ‘burst owned by Tim in MI
Spitfire ‘burst owned by Tim in MI
A pretty white Spitfire, serial number unknown.
A special Spitfire! It’s California owner John is the author of “The Flight of the Pickerings”. This Spitfire was once owned and played by Chris Hayes of Huey Lewis and the News.
Another view of the Spitfire above, serial number S006
Lovely Spitfire, blue, owned by Johann in PA.
Lovely Spitfire, blue, owned by Johann in PA
Spitfire in case owned by Jace
Spitfire no. 003 with lovely White Pearl finish and Super Distortion pickups. Owned by Mike in Indiana. Thanks, Bruce.
Spitfire model, blue, serial # S112016, owned by Alan in Alabama.
Spitfire model, blue, serial # S053039, owned by Murray in Ottawa, Canada.
Another view of Spitfire number 003
The Spitfire prototype. Thanks Bruce!

Spitfire model, red, serial # S009, owned by David in Australia.
Spitfire, red, owned by John in NJ
Spitfire, sunburst, serial number S063042, owned by Johann in PA